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Step into another world.

Feel the sand under your bare feet.

Feel the ocean breeze in your hair.

Fly among skyscrapers.

Count the clouds.

Float in space.

Touch cloud 9.

Divorce reality.

Dream unlimited.

offers travel to unimaginable destinations.
Hyperborea, Lemuria, Atlantis and Mu are just a click away.

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Conceptually the built structure is that of the Palm Tree representing the global symbol of vacation or utopian bliss. The imposition of a strict geometric pattern over that symbol strives to represent man's physical domination of the natural landscape. The built structure is akin to an inverted Pyramid (a most stable and static form known to man) with white or neon sand at its core (surrounding the Palm Tree). Black light shines through a suspended ceiling floating just above the installation, suspended from the gallery ceiling, through which vertical threads of fishing wire join the geometric base to the cloud above, highlighting the sand below. This black light is intended to be channelled down the fishing wire in a fibre-optic way in perfectly taut straight lines threaded from the ceiling down into the wooden structure below. They would be ideally spaced 5cm apart from each other in a dense but transparent grid and so with or without the lights on above, the effect created would be that of a haze around the Palm Tree as viewed from afar - like a mirage in the desert. Up close the effect would become more Fibre Optic, representing current threads of communication, blurring the physical and virtual realms with the intention of challenging Utopian visions of modernity past, present and future.

Submerge the now. Divorce reality. Dream unlimited.