Scrapnet presented at festival "RE-Culture 2" (Patras, Greece, 2013). During the presentation the SRN team collected data from all the Facebook users that were 'friends' with the official Facebook page of the Festival. Personal information, profile images, latest posts from each user (all together exited the number of 1800 users) were downloaded, archived and represented, offline this time.

"We did represented those data offline, in an attempt to draw attention to the physical power that the data of a small population have." SRN team

The Scrapnet is a collaborative project by Nikol Bairaktari, Vagelis Makropoulos and Giannis Moris. Exhibited on “On Moralism”, curated by Kostis Stafylakis for "RE-Culture 2" festival (Patras, Greece, 2013).